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Thursday, June 28, 2007

Gone Again

Just a quick note. I'll be gone until Sunday evening and working next week at my temp job. I'll miss you all.

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Thirteen Reasons To Get "Perfect"

Yesterday was my release date for my alter ego's release of "Perfect". In a totally shameless bid for self promotion, I'm going to come up with thirteen reasons to go buy "Perfect".

1. There's a little something for everyone.
If you like a sweeter romance, there's some of that. If you like the dirtier side of romance, there's that too. It's got a bit of everything and more.
2. It's three stories in one.
"Perfect" has three stories, all with different conflicts. There's the couple who gets set up in "Perfectly Matched". There's the couple that won't talk to each other in "Perfectly Flawed" and the couple struggling to hang onto that spark in "Perfectly Naughty".
3. It's set in a beautiful place.
"Perfect" is set in a place close to my family's heart. Instead of the usual urban back drop, it's set in the wilderness.
4. It's inspired by the outdoors
I hand wrote these stories when my family and I were spending ten days camping in our favorite spot. I wanted to write a story that used a unique setting rather than the usual city dwelling.
5. The heroines are no fragile flowers
All three of them are kick ass women with strong personalities. They've all learned to take care of themselves, but are still feminine enough to attract some alpha males.
6. The heroes are flawed but likeable
As most men are. Need I say more?
7. It cost less than a trip to Starbucks
And, it will last longer.
8. It might save on batteries.
Do I need to explain this?
9. It's the perfect summertime read
Because "Perfect" is set in the summer months, it's perfect for those warm days tanning in the sun with some ice tea at your elbow. With lots of ice in case you get "hot".
10. "Perfect" despite it's name, is based in reality
My heroines are not pillars of strength and my heroes are not pictures of intelligence. They're real people who screw up and make mistakes. I like writing real people.
11. To Warm My Little Heart
Alright, you may not care to do this, but there's nothing like the thought "Wow, someone is actually READING my stuff" that warms my heart and gives me that "feel good" experience.
12. To keep my dogs in dogfood
You love dogs don't you? Do I need to put pictures of my cute dogs so that you'll know who you're supporting. LOL.
13. Finally, because I like a happy ending.
I give you one, you give me one. It's all good. LOL.

Was that shameless, or what? LOL.
You can find it HERE

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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Whiskey Wednesday--Summertime Rant

School is out. You know what that means. I switch from being the "Get-the-kids-ready-for-school-homework-monitor-get-to-bed-by-nine" mommy to "Cruise Director" mommy.
"Entertain me!" seems to be the cry of the moment around here. Oh, and the fighting. Do cruise directors have to referee? Just wondering. The summer becomes one long whine fest for my children who insist I "never take them anywhere" or "let them do anything". *heavy sigh*
Summertime also means that I write with "Spongebob" in the background (along with other mood killing cartoons) and try and "fit" the rest of my life around my now demanding family. When the weather turns nice, my husband begins to want to "do" things. Not only does he want to go camping, take trips and go fishing, clamming and so on, he also begins to notice our yard and house.
The conversation usually goes like this.

Redneck: "The grass is getting really tall."
Me: "I noticed that."
Redneck: "We should really cut it. We really ought to clean out the car port and go to the dump. It's starting to get pretty messy.
Me: "We?"
Redneck: "Well, honey, you know I would but I'm going to be working Saturdays now and......"

See how this goes?
There is a reason I prefer the winter. Popcorn, movies, hot chocolate, fires in the fireplace, Christmas.
What does summer have for me? Yard work, bright sun (yuck!) and allergies.
Is it Fall yet?

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Sunday, June 24, 2007

A Trio of The Awesome Divas

Sweet romance is not something I'm very good at, much to the disappointment of my mother. There are authors that can create tension between two people without beating a reader over the head with it. The following three authors have earned my undying respect with their talent to make me laugh, cry and WANT their characters to succeed.

Unwritten Romance
UNWRITTEN ROMANCE by Jenna Bayley-Burke
Sweetheart Rosette
from The Wild Rose Press

Given a second chance at life, Mindy Thomas swallows her fear and decides to tell her boss how she feels about him. Except Jared Salazar misunderstands, thinking she's after a promotion. Mindy uses the interview to ensure Jared understands she wants him, not the position.

Pastor Nathan Saunders awaits his version of Gideon’s fleece before asking his lifelong love, Petra, to marry him. But the legalistic and wealthy savior of their fishing village, John Peters, asks her first! Now Nathan battles between needs of his heart and those of his parishioners to keep John and his cannery in town. It’ll take a miracle in the form of an ugly town fountain, an irate Irishman, and some homicidal high heels to show that power and wealth are no match for true love. And to prove God really does work in mysterious ways. Paperback $11.74 Download $4.69

Love's Blessings by M.G. Braden
- Now available from By Grace Publishing

Love's Blessings CoverJanelle Trent has been desperately trying to have a baby. Can she surrender to God when the treatments don't work?

Kevin Trent loves his wife, baby or not. Can he show his wife that they already are a family? Or, will he walk away, taking with him all their hopes and dreams?

Can two people in love move past heartache to find each other, and possibly a miracle, again? Sometimes we search so hard but are unable to see that we already have Love's Blessings.

Given 4.5 Hearts from The Romance Studio - you can buy Love's Blessings today from By Grace Publishing

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Saturday, June 23, 2007

It's Definitely Summer

There are several things that usually happen during the summer for our family. Joe starts working extra hours, the kids drive me into screaming insanity and we play catch up on the bills. Since Joe is working out of town, the kids and I pack up and go to him. In a 25ft. trailer. With two small children.
I need a drink. *sigh*
So, last week was the first in a long line of road tripping that will be on its way this summer. I love the redneck so I'm willing to drive three hours over winding roads with two boys who get carsick.
You know, my kids aren't going to be little for long. While we were in Fort Bragg this time, we went to McKerricker Park and scrambled over rocks, studied sea shells and peered into tide pools. We saw a baby seal, chipmunks and tons of birds. They love doing stuff with me right now. Soon, they'll be ditching me for the mall and the pizza parlor.
Sometimes, I need to get away from all of my distractions-the dogs, the computer, my housework--and realize that there are adventures out there for me and the boys. Hopefully, they'll remember some of these times when I'm ready for the nursing home.

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Friday, June 22, 2007

I'm Baaaaaaccccckk! Did you miss me?

I'm back from the boonies and glad to be home. I'm over at
Fallen Angel Review for an all day chat with The Novelty Girls. The usual mayhem will ensue. Come join us. We'll be there until 8 P.M. Pacific Standard Time. They'll be excerpts from my upcoming releases and the craziness that is The Novelty Girls.
Did you miss me? Didya? Didya?

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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Thirteen Reasons I NEED A Cell Phone

This is a post from the road. I'm in Fort Bragg California in an internet cafe, hoping I'll have time to post this before my children dismantle the place. Wish me luck.
I couldn't pass on my Thursday Thirteen though. So, here's thirteen reasons I need a cell phone.

1. Pay Bills
When I'm on the road, the bill still need to get paid. Thank goodness most of them will let me pay by phone.
2. Crystal
Since I have no internet access, Crystal is my saving grace. She posts for me, checks email and so on. SHE ROCKS.
3. Three way calling
As many of you know, I talk to my writer friend Dayna every day. Without a cell phone, there would be no way to talk to her. But Crystal again saves the day by three way calling. Dayna can't call my cell phone (and vice versa) so a cell phone is awesome.
4. Anyone can reach me anytime.
Well, provided my battery doesn't die or I remember the darn thing.
5. No Telemarketers
I love this. I don't get those weird calls at 8:45pm that want to sell me a mortgage or something.
6. Caller I.D.
What did I do before this? How else can one avoid telemarketers or "others" (I'm not saying a word.)
7. The redneck and I talk free.
Because we have the same plan, we can talk every night when he's out of town and it doesn't cost us a thing. Well, except the cell phone bill every month.
8. Michelle
My best friend keeps me sane everyday all the time. Oh, and SHE'S got the same plan too. It's all free. Good thing, since we talk two or three times a day.
9. I can make calls when I forget something.
Has this ever happened to you? You fly out the door and then whammo! You remember that you needed to call the kid's school, or that friend, or that business. My cell phone means that memory loss is more tolerable.
10. Phone numbers
Often, I forget to bring along my address book that has my important phone numbers in it (like this week. grrrrr). With a cell phone, I have the numbers built right in.
11. Information
I often find myself desperately searching for a park to take the kids to or (like this week) a place that has a computer and internet access. With my phone, I get to call and find it. 411 baby. It's extra but worth it.

12. When in the Boonies, I don't feel cut off
As I watched with trepidation, my battery began to die. I felt as if I was watching my lifeline to the rest of the world fading away. Ah, the drama.
13. I don't read Stephen King
So I don't believe that cell phone use will make me crazy. Don't worry. I haven't read the book, just in case. Michelle of course gave me a blow by blow. We've decided that it's worth it.

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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

My Space Music of My Life...

Hey all!

This is Crystal Jordan posting for Jen while her redneck has dragged her off into the wilderness to have his dirty, wild way with her. Hey, I don't ask questions. A girl's gotta do and all that.

I agreed to post while her naughty self was getting jiggy with his naughty I decided to post about MySpace Music. Why? Because it's what Jen and I were chatting about when she gave me the keys to her blog. *mwah ha ha*

We went through a list of her faves and mine that we either discovered, rediscovered, or listen to obsessively on MySpace.

For my rediscovery, I have Jill Knight, who I heard live in San Francisco about five years ago. She rocks. Her smooth voice was freaking hypnotic at the time. Best. Day. Ever.

And I've been listening obsessively to Leann Rimes' new song Nothin' Better to Do.

For Jen, she found Jon Heintz on MySpace after she heard him on her fave show, The Deadliest Catch.

And her obsessive listen is Evanescence.

Who do you guys listen to on MySpace? Any good ones that you can't resist? Any dirty little secret faves?

-Crystal Jordan

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Sunday, June 17, 2007

Happy Father's Day

NOTE: (Added June 18th) I'll be out of town Monday and Tuesday, but home in time for Whiskey Wednesday.

Most of you know a little about the redneck I'm married to. Some of you even know more than you EVER wanted to know.
Today is Father's Day and tomorrow is the redneck's birthday. So today's post is about how he ended up becoming a father.

No, not THAT. Jeez. This is public domain!!!

Both of us had been married before. In those marriages, we both wanted children but were married to partners who didn't want them. For me, it was a torture I don't recommend. It makes hanging out with pregnant women or holding little babies painful. Not to mention working in the maternity section of the hospital. Those nights were the worst.

After seven years, my first husband and I ended a marriage that was over long before we filed for divorce. It was amicable but I was terrified. I was thirty, NOT skinny and back in the world of weird ass dating. But, being a serial monogamous, I found Mr. Next pretty quickly and settled in for the usual merry go round.

The redneck found me in a relationship with another man and wondered why the world was so unfair. We were friends first, discussing mundane topics and discovering similar interests and humor. I thought he was just another pal. Then, I got dumped. Not hard, mind you. Just enough to leave a bad taste in my mouth. The redneck moved in very slowly. His campaign was brilliant folks. First, he didn't pounce on his opportunity. He approached the whole thing slowly and carefully. It took only three weeks for his campaign (which involved poetry, a trip to the river and a dozen roses for my birthday) to wear down my resistance to another relationship. We were married five months later.

And one month after our wedding, I was pregnant. It was something we'd both wanted so desperately and had given up ever having. Both of us were beginning to believe our time had passed, but here we were about to have our first child.

When our first born popped into the world, it was one of the most amazing experiences that I've ever had in my life. I remember that the redneck and I were watching music videos in the hospital that day and "Beautiful Day" by U2 made us both cry.

And this song also became a theme song for that day. "With Arms Wide Open" by Creed.

It was as if the soundtrack of our lives changed drastically that day. He became a father and I became a mother. No matter what direction our lives took, that fact would never change. It's a moment of discovery, wonder and awe. And we shared it together.
Happy Father's Day to all.

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Friday, June 15, 2007

"Dark Garden" by Eden Bradley ROCKS

Rowan is a Fem Dom and works her submissives with a gentle, but firm hand. It has given her great satisfaction. But Christian Thorne sees something in her that she's hiding. Rowan has a submissive side. When he dares her to test his theory, she accepts with reluctance.
What Christian didn't anticipate was how beautiful and powerful Rowan's submission would be or how drawn to her he would be. And Rowan has no idea the satisfaction that can be had by submitting completely to a talented Dominant.
The odyssey that these two wonderful characters take to acceptance of their true selves is a heart wrenching experience for them and for me.
What got me the most about this book is the sensual feel to all of the scenes. The fact that Rowan's limits when they begin is "no sex" means that Ms. Bradley had to increase the tension until I thought I was going to scream with frustration. But this tension made every moment of the book worth reading.
I wasn't surprised that Ms. Eden had amazing sex scenes, but the emotional turmoil in every touch, every look made this book tough to put down. And I didn't until I reached the end.
The secondary characters were also incredible and their story is filled with a completely different energy but the same emotional angst that gave their happy ending a lot of impact.
Go BUY THIS BOOK. It's a fabulous book with tender moments and a satisfying ending that had me sighing. Which made my boss at work look at me funny, but I didn't care. That's how good this book was.

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Thursday, June 14, 2007

Thirteen T.V. Shows I Love

These are a list of T.V. shows that I love. Some of them are sadly no more. Some, I never get to watch.
These are shows that I have been obsessed about and there's MORE than thirteen. I did try and whittle it down, but the videos are so good.

T.V. Shows I Love

1. The Pretender

2. Dark Angel

3. Alias

4. La Femme Nikita

5. Silk Stalkings

6. Dark Skies

7. Profiler

8. Dead Zone

9. Medium

10. Animaniacs

11. Mythbusters

12. America's Funniest Home Videos

13. Deadliest Catch


14. VR5

Almost forgot Mr. Linky. Oops.

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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Whiskey Wednesday--The Horror! The Horror!

I do NOT understand the appeal of horror movies. Let me explain why this has become a Whiskey rant. On Sunday, my best friend and her new cowboy (hereafter known as "idiot") came over and spent some time with me. The Idiot decided to hog the remote and watch a movie called "Rest Stop". Yup, a horror movie complete with biting off fingers and crying, pathetic heroine.
No protests relieved me of my torture. I left the room, but he's deaf, so I could still hear the damn movie. And I HATE horror movies. I get nightmares. The last one I watched (also due to idiot friends) was "Nightmare on Elm Street" which gave me sleepless nights for a month. I don't like gore and violence. I place "Seven" with Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman in this category as well. Those movies burn the inside of my brain and mess with my head for long after the credits roll. Some people love that shit. NOT ME.
I do not get the appeal of "Saw" and "Halloween" (no matter how cool Jamie Lee Curtis is) and yet, my best friend is always trying to get me to read Stephen King.
Um no.
Why, in a world that presents us with graphic pictures of Columbine, The World Trade Center and real time pictures of war carnage do we have to have movies depicting dismemberment and blood spatter?
I don't even like the movie trailers for this shit. I've probably missed all kinds of "great" movies because I don't like to pee my pants in the movie theater unless I'm laughing.
Lefty, you can chalk this up to another one of those "unique" things that set me apart. So, this summer, you can count on me to avoid more of the blockbusters featuring chain saws, wicked claws and evil ghosts.
Rant over.
Disclaimer: No Idiots were harmed in this post, though he is VERY offended that I refer to him as "The Idiot". He's so "sensitive".

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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

A Little Blog For Men's Information

Many of you may have seen this already, but for those of you that might not, this is VERY important information. Well, women know it and will laugh their asses off. You men may want to take notes.

Nine Words Women Use

1. Fine:
This is the word women use to end an argument when they are right and you need to shut up.

2. Five Minutes:
If she is getting dressed, this means a half an hour. Five minutes is only five minutes if you have just been given five more minutes to watch the game before helping around the house.

3. Nothing:
This is the calm before the storm. This means something, and you should be on your toes. Arguments that begin with "Nothing" usually end in "Fine".

4. Go Ahead:
This is a dare, not permission. Don't do it!

5. Loud sigh:
This is actually a word, but is a non-verbal statement often misunderstood by men. A loud sigh means she thinks you are an idiot and wonders why she is wasting her time standing here and arguing with you about nothing (refer back to #3 for the meaning of nothing)

6. That's Okay:
This is one of the most dangerous statements a woman can make to a man. "That's okay" means she wants to think long and hard before deciding how and when you will pay for your mistake.

7. Thanks:
A woman is thanking you. Do not question, or faint. Just say "You're welcome".

8. Whatever:
Is a woman's way of saying *#@&*$ you.

9. Don't worry about it, I got it:
Another dangerous statement, meaning this is something that a woman has told a man to do several times, but is now doing it herself. This will later result in a man asking "What's wrong?". For the woman's response, refer to #3.

OMG. These are sooooooo true.

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Monday, June 11, 2007

A Little Quiz

You Mostly Fight Fair

When you fight, you tend to remember your end goal of resolving conflict.
However, you can get a little too wrapped up in your own feelings.
Remember that there are two sides to every argument.
And even if you think you're totally right, you should take more time to hear your partner out.
Do You Fight Fair?

This weekend was punctuated by one of the side effects of working out of town. The fear that one's partner isn't satisfied or feels neglected. When this happens for the Redneck and I, it often gets a little heated. The great thing is we don't stay mad long and the make up sex is awesome. LOL.
How do YOU fight?

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Sunday, June 10, 2007

It's The Little Things.

Over at a blog I visit that has become one of my new favorites,Princess Banter has a post about money. She got me thinking (which is why I love her blog) about the things my family does because we don't have a lot of extra cash.
Let's face it. If I could afford to whisk my children off to Disneyland, I would do it because I love to see their faces light up and shine when they do something really big and amazing.
Yet, some of the happiest I've ever seen them is when we've packed a bunch of coolers, sleeping bags and our tent and headed off to Shanty Creek.

How can I resist those two little faces as they get excited that they're going to Shanty Creek. It's like their Valhalla, their heaven.
So, it reminded me today that it isn't the trips to Disneyland or a cruise or some elaborate vacation that will stick with them. It's the times they went fishing with Daddy. And the times they went for walks with Mama. They'll remember the TIME, not the money, I spent with them.
So, do I wish I had a million dollars? Hell no. I wish I had more time, more energy, more patience to love the people in my life. But maybe time is just like money. The more we have, the less grateful for it we are. I'll put it in God's hands......and go hug my kids.
What little things mean the world to you?

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Friday, June 08, 2007

Of Spice and Pen

So today, I have releases in the writing world that I'm very excited about. First, Portia Da Costa is releasing another in her series. Ms. Da Costa is an awesome writer and right now this book is only available in the UK. But don't despair. We'll see it states side in August. Meanwhile, here's the teaser to keep you in anticipation (of the best kind) until then.

Available from June 07 [UK] & August 07 [US]


Acting purely on instinct, I coil my arms around him. I can't believe this is happening and I can't believe what I'm doing. This new, different, impatient me takes the initiative and presses her tongue against his lips, demanding entrance.

He laughs, the sound deep and rough in his chest, and he admits me. Then a second later, it's like he throws a switch and he takes total control.

When vibrant, forty-something widow Annie Conroy espies her new neighbours Maria Lewis and Robert Stone having kinky sex in their back garden, she decides it’s time that she too woke up and smelt the erotic roses. And where better to begin her daring adventures than the luxurious Waverley Grange Country Hotel, and its hidden den of iniquity, the chintz-clad but wickedly pervy Suite Seventeen? Under the stern but playful eye of exotic master Valentino, Annie quickly discovers the shocking hidden depths of her own sensuality, and surrenders herself body and soul to his outrageous games of power.

But when the Waverley’s entire future hangs in the balance, and Annie has the means to help save it, dare she gamble on going one step further… and giving her heart to the mysterious man who’s come to control her?

'I am grinning from ear to ear having savoured every last dripping word... ' - Ann, poet and blogger

ISBN 0352341092

Published by Black Lace in June 2007 [UK] and August 2007 [US]

Read an excerpt at [NB. excerpt is NC 17 and suitable for adults only]

Suite Seventeen is available from and


Portia Says: Available now for UK Readers... enjoy!!!

And next, today is the day that my third book in the Divine Intervention Series.
Triple Play is out today.

Danielle Laskey hasn't given up on love, she hasn't believed in it for years. A horrible experience in her past keeps her distant and bitter. Her soul mate, Christopher Jeffers is coaching her daughter on his high school baseball team reluctantly. On opposing sides of several issues, it seems a hopeless assignment. Can Thomas, with the help of other Guardian Angels, bring these two stubborn people together?

This is the continuing story of Thomas, the recovering alcoholic guardian angel, who is faced with cleaning up some of the wreckage of his past. Come and see Thomas struggle to get these two to wake up and smell the coffee.

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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Thirteen Reasons A Man Is Nice To Have Around

Some of you may know that the redneck works out of town. So at 4am Monday mornings, I hand him coffee and give him a kiss as he heads out the door to work in Fort Bragg about three hours away.
For five days I'm a mommy with a phone hubby. For the whole week, if there's anything "manly" to be done, I have to do it. Note the lack of lawn mowing in previous posts. So, in honor of my poor redneck, who works his badonkeydonk off to provide us with food and shelter, here's the things I miss about having a man around the house.

Thirteen Reasons A Man Is Nice To Have Around The House
1. The Garbage.
The one thing I really miss about having a man around is someone to empty the garbage. I hate taking out the garbage. I had a nineteen year old that I forced, I mean asked, to do it, but he's got a girlfriend now so he's emptying HER garbage. *sigh*

2. The Lightbulbs (falling tiles, broken door hinges, etc.)
I miss being able to play the helpless female and turn to the big, strong man and say "I just don't know what to do. Can't you wield your magic drill and fix it?" *batting eyelashes*. Somehow, my six year old doesn't buy this act. He's still has the delusion that I can fix anything.

3. Getting Dead Things Out of The Freezer
This one is for Dayna, since Writer Widow performs this service for her. If something died in MY freezer, I'd have to go digging myself. Ewwwwwww.

4. Save Money On Batteries
I'm not explaining this one. Use your imagination.

5. Those Three O'Clock In The Morning Noises
You know what I mean. Those creaks and thumps that don't SOUND like dogs, but might be some horrible person who will trap me and my kids and I'll have to defend them to my death and.......nevermind.

6. The Yard Work
I warned you this was coming. Mowing the lawn, chopping the wood, trimming the hedges, using the weedeater.....these are all "manly" activities. Not to mention that the redneck has absolutely refused to tell me where the chainsaw is. LOL. I can't imagine why he doesn't trust me.

7. The Barbecuing
This is another one of those "manly" activities that I don't want to do. And yet, I find myself preparing charcoal and scraping the grill. *sigh*. Good thing my family doesn't mind hockey puck burgers.

8. Killing Spiders
This one is for Toni Sue. Mine actually relies on me to kill the spiders. LOL. Rats? I think that's his job. But I was the one who dealt with THAT problem too.

9. Going To The Grocery Store ALONE
When the redneck is home, I can run to the store. When he works out of town, I have to "plan" those trips. I hate that. Especially when I run out of cigarettes. THAT bites.

10. Divided Attention
The kids are WAY focused on me when Daddy is out of town. I soothe their fears, fill their bellies and listen to their woes. When Daddy is there, there's TWO of us to take the onslaught.

11. The Lonely Factor
My best friend, Michelle, was a single mom with three kids and I do NOT know how she did it. It's so damn lonely. I, at least, have a weekend hubby who calls me every night. Everything fell on her shoulders--the bills, the homework, the calls from the school, everything. Yet, her kids are AWESOME. Of course, she's one of my heroes. It's VERY lonely.

12. The Lack Of Target Factor
I'm going to admit something that may get me kicked out of the estrogen brigade. Once a month, I like having someone to bitch at. Someone male. Preferably, a grown male. At that time, the redneck wears a large red bullseye on his back. He must take the blame! LOL. It just isn't the same over the phone. Not that I don't try, mind you.

13. The Company
It wasn't so bad when Michelle was here and I could bounce ideas off her and have grown up conversations. Now that Michelle has her cowboy and Justin found a woman, it's just me and my boys. There are some things you just can't discuss with a six year old. Again, the phone is just not the same.

Believe me, for those single moms out there, I bow to your awesomeness. For those Dad's who have to be gone a lot, I bow to your perseverance. It ain't easy.

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Whiskey Wednesday --When Characters Collide

If you're a reader, then you know that a great book has memorable characters. Captain Ahab, Jennifer Crusie's Minerva in "Bet Me", Mark Twain's Huck Finn, Jane Austen's Elisabeth Bennet, and Dorothy L. Sayer's Peter Whimsey were all crafted and honed to give us a window into their world.
But I think about how they all tortured their creators.
Imagine, poor Jane Austen just wants to write a novel that will sell to the uptight society she lives in. But she has Elisabeth Bennet nattering in her head about Darcy and won't leave her alone. And Elisabeth is kind of a snarky bitch! Can you imagine? There had to be moments as Jane was writing "Pride and Prejudice" that she wanted to strangle the entire Bennet clan. Of course, now this is a classic.
I wonder if Agatha Christie ever beat her head against the keyboard because Miss Marple decided to take a holiday to India for no damn reason? Did Frank Herbert ever look at his wife, Beverly and say "That damn Paul Atredies. Maybe I'll just let the Harkonnens kill him."
One of my writer friends has IRON control over her characters. I, however, do not. Therefore, it is not surprising to find myself in the middle of a story and my characters start killing each other, sleeping with each other when they're not supposed to and running around from point A to point B without much happening. The little buggers.
So I raise my glass to characters, written and unwritten. I NEED alcohol to deal with them.

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Monday, June 04, 2007

"Yard Work" are TWO four letter words

When I married the redneck, I was pretty clear about a few things. Most of you know that marriage is about negotiation and boundaries. What's interesting is how things change over time.
I told him that I have a black thumb. That particular aspect of my character hasn't changed. I still have the dead flowers to prove it. Not that I haven't tried. I even bought to half wine barrels and transferred some flowers to them in the vain hope that somehow I'd become the gardener my mother always hoped I'd be.
No such luck.
Those flowers are dead, deceased, ceased to exist. And they're a blight in a very cute front yard. But no one told me (and I didn't think to ask) that wine barrels need to have holes drilled in them. Yes, I killed those flowers by drowning.
Someday, I'll be held to account for all the poor plants I've murdered.
For a week now, I've been vainly hoping "someone else" (translation--ANYONE ELSE) will mow my front yard. The grass is now knee length and my lovely neighbors (heavy sarcasm) have been looking askance at me for the mess that is now my yard. *sigh*.
So, today, in a mood of activity, I planned on mowing the damn yard. Despite my allergies. Despite my black thumb.
But it's raining.
Of course it is.
So, I guess my front yard will continue to be overgrown and ugly. It does match the dead boat and the dismantled car in the driveway, though.
We definitely portray the redneck lifestyle....complete with Christmas lights on the front of the house.
I'm thirty-eight people. Some things are NEVER going to change. I'm not going to become "crafty" or grow a green thumb (which would look a little weird anyway)
Judge me or love me, but that's how it is.
Tell me, is there anything you've tried to do (or become) that just hasn't happened? Let me know I'm not alone here, people.

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Saturday, June 02, 2007

Come and See What's Out!!!!

Crystal Jordan's "In Smoke" is finally out! Yayyyy.

When Lady Katryn’s ambassador father dies, she’s called back to her
home world of Harena to join Lord Nadir’s harim. Raised among
weretigers, she knows little about her own weredragon nature, but she
fears she’ll never find love as one of many wives.

Lord Tarkesh, the man escorting her to the weredragon capital city,
awakens a fiery passion in her that leaves them both forever changed.
When she finds that a harim on Harena is not one man with many mates,
but a three-way mating, and that Tarkesh is the other man in Nadir’s
harim, she feels betrayed by a man she has come to love so quickly.
More surprising is her reaction to the commanding Nadir. He is a man
who demands her heart, and she’s uncertain how long she can deny
either of them.

For those of you not familiar with the series, Wereplanets is Crystal Jordan's brilliant world of shifters--polar bears, tigers and now, dragons. She brilliant and her characters are wonderfully crafted. Kesik from "In Ice" is still my favorite so far, but Tarkish and Nadir are a very close second.
Buy "In Smoke" HERE
And while you're there, check out In Ice and In Heat

Still not convinced? Come to Joyfully Reviewed today and read excerpts from her new release. She and the other members of The Novelty Girls will be creating chaos and mayhem. I'll be there with excerpt from Triple Play and Fires Of Passion.
Hope you make it.

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Friday, June 01, 2007

The Dark Garden by Eden Bradley

A deliciously potent tale of one woman’s quest for self-discovery

Rowan Cassidy likes to be in charge—especially in her personal life. As a mistress at Club Privé, the most exclusive bondage/S & M club on the West Coast, Rowan can live out her dominant fantasies safely, and with complete control—until the night Christian Thorne walks in. Self-confident and sophisticated, he’s a natural dominant if Rowan’s ever seen one. Yet she can’t stop thinking about him and imagining his touch.

Christian has returned home, hoping to break free from his dissatisfaction and malaise—and discovers the cure in Rowan. He’s dying to get his skilled hands on her and watch her surrender, to unlock the mystery of her that captivates him. Determined to be her master, he makes Rowan a daring proposition: give herself over to him for thirty days.

Rowan finds Christian’s offer terrifying—and impossible to resist. But abandoning herself to Christian’s power might be more than she can handle…. Or it might be the realization of her true nature and the dark garden within her. There will be only one way to find out. And once the game has begun, there’s no turning back.

Buy it HERE

Eden Bradley rocks. I've ordered this book and it will be here soon. Horay for Eden!!

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